Uso do GET! O get pode ajudar a formar diversas frases. A baixo, uma lista de algumas formas que podemos usá-lo.
GOT - Passado
GET - Presente
Getting - futuro

* Meaning of have something done, order something: MANDAR
He got his car fixed
I got my hair cut

*Meaning of understand: ENTENDER
I got you
Did you get the idea?

*Meaning of became: FICAR
It's getting dark - "Está ficando escuro"
We got tired yesterday - " Nós ficamos cansados ontem"
I'm getting confuded - " Estou ficando confusa"
I'm getting used to working hard " Estou ficando acostumado com o trabalho duro"

*Meaning of receive: RECEBER,GANHAR
She got a nice present for her birthday
Language teachers get about R$ an hour in Brazil
I hope to get better news tomorrow
I got a postcard from Germany

*Meaning of obtain/buy: ARRANJAR,CONSEGUIR,GANHAR
He's going to get a job after college.
I got a promotion.
He got $ 800 for his old car.
you can get cheap things is Hong Kong.
I'm planning to get a new car soon.

* Meaning of pick up: PEGAR, TRAZER, BUSCAS
Go and get the newspaper.
Stay here. I'll get you some water.
She is getting the kids at school.

* Meaning of arrive at/reach: CHEGAR,IR
I got home late last night.
We got to the airport by taxi.
Can you get to the roof of the house? " você pode chegar ao telhado da casa?

* Meaning of have (possession):TER
I haven't got much time.
Have you got enough money? "você tem dinheiro suficiente?"

* Meaning of have to: ter que
I've (abreviação do have) got to go now.
You've got to study harder.

* Meaningof catch (illness, vehicle, thief): PEGAR
I don't want to get a cold.
I hope you get on a train before midnight.
The theif ran away but the pilice got him.

* Meaning of prepare/make: PREPARAR
I'll get some coffee.
She's getting dinner for her family.

* Meaning of be: SER
She got hit by a car.
The robber got killed by the police.
He got robbed last night.

* Meaning of convice : CONVERNCER
He got his father to buy him a car.
I got him to help me.